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Keeping Us All Safe

In this time of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are working our hardest to play our part in keeping our community safe, therefore we have adhered to the Governments guidelines and set the following safety procedures for our salon...

We will be washing and sanitising our hands thoroughly and regularly.

We will be wearing face masks, and also have visors where necessary, particularly when we have vulnerable clients in the salon.

We will provide you with a new disposable gown.

We will sanitise our work stations and ourselves properly between clients.

We ask from you that:

You try to turn up to your appointment on time and alone where possible. Please try not to come late as this will have a knock on effect for further appointments. Clients who are accompanied by children are responsible for supervising them at all times and still need to follow social distancing guidelines.

We ask that you place your mask on before entering the salon where possible, and sanitise your hands at the PPE station at the front door. If you do not have a mask, we will provide one for you (for those of you who are able to wear one).

You try to follow the marked system on the floor, this is to keep everyone moving in a safe direction.

If you are unwell, or a member of your household is unwell, you please stay at home. Please make us aware that you will be missing your appointment ASAP and arrange to be tested. 

You place your coat, bag and belongings into the plastic box provided by your chair, this will be sanitised after every use.

Please bring yourself a drink in case the current guidance does not allow us to provide you with one.

Card payments are preferred where possible, this will help reduce the risk of infection being transmitted onto money.

If you are not concerned about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, please be aware that other people are and people, even if they do not appear vulnerable may well  be, or live with someone who is.

We are adhering to the Government's guidelines, please try to help us to do this correctly.

Thank you. 


Keeping Us All Safe: About Us
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